Welcome to Save U.P. Energy – An Energy Resource for the Upper Peninsula

This website was created through an Economic Development Administration grant awarded to CUPPAD and MTU’s KRC, and was an effort to study and research the cost and feasibility of implementing affordable energy solutions at the industrial park scale across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (the “U.P.”). Seven industrial parks were chosen for the purpose of this study, and are discussed in more detail under the Industrial Park Study tab of this website. This project hopes to aid economic development organizations across the U.P. in assisting businesses with affordable energy solutions to mitigate the high costs of energy. Additionally, communities should have a better understanding of what kinds of policies and investments they should make to reduce the costs of energy for businesses. It is intended that this website be updated with current energy issues, changes in legislation, maps, etc. and be a resource for those looking to learn more about energy in the Upper Peninsula.

The U.P. region has historically had high energy costs, which increases the cost of doing business in an area that already suffers from high transportation costs and limited wireless and broadband access. Economic development professionals, government officials, and businesses across the U.P. have collectively determined addressing high costs of energy as a priority. In Michigan, energy infrastructure is a tale of two peninsulas. More than 90% of all electric energy in the Lower Peninsula is supplied by just two utilities (Consumers and DTE). In contrast, the U.P. is serviced by four privately owned utilities (UPPCO, WE, WPS and XCEL), three rural electric co-ops (OCREA, Alger-Delta and Cloverland) and 13 small municipal utilities. Their service areas are overlapping and non-contiguous, with no clear demarcation at municipal or county boundaries. This geographic distribution of energy providers can be found on the Electric and Gas Providers map of this site.